Josie has been writing erotica since she was in college. She did it
partly as entertainment, but mostly as a way to flirt.
When she moved to the Boston area, she landed her first
publishing gig for a local feminist erotic publication. After that,
she became good friends with someone who ran an erotic hypnosis
website. She became co-writer, co-director and content creator of
the website and still contributes to it once in awhile.
Now that Josie is married to someone who completely supports
her erotic imagination, she is writing at full steam. Her goal is to
make stories that will not only arouse, but surprise as well.



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Jodie and the Smutty Kats Chapter 1 - 6

Their first big break may lead these “Kats” astray!
An all-girl ‘family friendly’ trio band finally gets their first really big gig. But when one of their own gets caught up in an erotically sinister plot involving a mind-altering gas, the entire band are in danger of becoming seduced. Will this band and their friends be able to keep their innocence and save the day or will they become corrupted by desire?