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Julia writes sweet and heartfelt romance with a dash of steam along with a warm and fuzzy happy ending. She attended the National University of Malaysia where she received her undergraduate degree in Psychology and masters in Psychological Research Methods from the University of Lancaster, UK. When not writing, she enjoys reading, movies, traveling and taking pictures of nature and landscapes. Julia lives in the Boston Metro area with her husband.




Kimbra Townsend

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Snowbound Kisses

Maxwell Matthiews curses his sprained ankle. To make matters worse, his flight is cancelled due to a blizzard. When a sexy waitress offers a place to stay, he eagerly accepts—until he learns he is a prospective boyfriend. Max plays along. But his well-intended plan falls apart when love gets in the way. And submitting has never been so tempting….

Thea Blake has a soft spot for stray animals. Now her collection includes a forlorn musician stranded in her city of Boston. For a heartthrob, he's down-to-earth and charming. Her grandma will love him. All she wants this holiday season is for her to be happy. It seems like an ideal arrangement—until she falls in love.

Snowbound Kisses is a sweet, warm and fuzzy romance standalone novella.


Their Secret Rendezvous

Ryan's set on winning the Chianti golf tournament. Nothing can stop his determination. But when a sexy brunette tosses him a personalized pink ball his concentration falters. Did his brothers send her to distract him? With fierce resolve, he wins. And now, he wants to thank her, and make good on the prize she promised.

Lauren, course manager, seeks to rebuild her life after a divorce. When her old crush Ryan arrives, she welcomes him with a frangipani garland, and a golf ball with a motivational phrase. But her gesture backfires and she loses her job. To make matters worse, he wants to claim his victory kiss. Although, saying no is easy, denying her attraction is challenging. If she agrees, she risks getting her heart broken.

This is a sweet & steamy standalone romance novel.


Shielding Eva

She’s alone with an invisible stalker…until an unexpected ally refuses to leave her side….

Former ER nurse Eva Hadley had seen everything gory. But nothing prepared her for her parents’ murders. Her instinct tells her she’s next. And she discovers having Jesse as an ally means only one thing. Trouble. Falling for him is far more dangerous than staying alive.

Cynical attorney Jesse Sinclair’s job is to bust scam businesses. Seeing Eva at her Halloween party, he is overwhelmed by her beauty and charm, yet senses her fear and suffering. He’s determined to uncover what went wrong.

Can Eva accept Jesse’s advances as an ally without an emotional connection getting in the way?


Next Door Temptation

When you’re a single, sleep-deprived guy, you’ll likely see a mermaid in your pool.

All Grant Emery wants to do on his break is sleep; not get friendly with the sexy neighbor. Not when he caught her swimming in his pool. Paige Robinson makes his mind race and heart pulse. But she’s up to something, because she’s incredibly nice, incredibly generous. Succumbing to her will derail his needed break.

Grant has a secret job and he dared to kiss her on their second meeting. Then pretended it never happened! Oh, and he intends to disrupt the sale of her house. But she'll not let him—even if it means playing extra nice with the charismatic and sinfully handsome neighbor.

Next Door Temptation is a funny, sweet and sexy standalone contemporary romance novel.


Their Secret Desire

Their secrets could bring them together or tear them apart.

Jordan Eastbrook is busy making a name in the shark-infested waters of investment. But when an unassuming beauty from his past reappears, he can’t ignore the burning questions he’s been holding back.

Destiny Luna Scott’s mission is to get her injured brother into a sophisticated physical rehab facility. While working two jobs, she dreams of having her invention sold in every store. So, when a contest offering a large financial prize catches her attention, she jumps at the opportunity. Little does she know one of the judges is the man she can’t have, but the only one she’ll ever need.

Their Secret Desire is a sweet and sexy standalone contemporary romance novel.


Their Secret Deal

Sexy and romantic encounter. Night of unforgettable memories

Mark Eastbrook is a savvy investor who makes killer moves to multiply his investments—big time. After a demanding negotiation all he wants is to unwind.

But what does he get? A sexy troublemaker who offers exactly what he needs. The catch? He must be her fake business mentor.

The Norfolk Inn is the last memento of her parents, and Erin Kelly will do anything to prevent its sale. Mark makes a perfect pretend mentor. He’s prestigious, always plays to win...and precisely not her type. However, in the process of winning, there is one risk she doesn’t account for: losing her heart.

Their Secret Deal is a sweet and romantic standalone romance novel.


Catching Lily

In a charming Massachusetts town, Lily Perfect, a budding, savvy entrepreneur has her sights set on running her own boutique filled with handmade creations. The last thing she wants is the complication of a man. But just when her business begins attracting attention, a dangerously handsome, sexy, and mysterious man strides into her shop and turns her life upside down.

Alan Perry isn't fooled by Lily's apparent disinterest. He knows there's more to her than just her handbags. She has secrets, and he's determined to reveal them...before she can reveal his. Little does Alan know, he may have just met his match.

Catching Lily is a sweet and sexy standalone contemporary romance novel.