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Julianne Q Johnson writes in a little Indiana house when her two cats, two ferrets, and one fiancé will let her. Her favorite stories to write are modern-day, realistic worlds with a supernatural or paranormal element. She enjoys taking otherwise ordinary characters and giving them a paranormal gift or putting them in fantastical situations to see how they will handle it. Julianne loves cheap coffee and expensive chocolate.


Science Fiction

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Haunting Bryce

The ghost of an old woman haunts Bryce night after night, begging him to do something about her cruel great-grandson. Mrs. Chipwithe is certain her great-grandson will end up killing someone unless he is stopped. There's only one problem.

Bryce is eight years old.

What can he do about a boy who is older and much bigger than he is? He can't go to the adults, they won't believe him. Bryce has already learned he has to hide the fact that he can hear the dead. Now, the old woman won't let him alone and he has no idea what to do about it.

A short story from The Unruly Ghost Mysteries.