As a child, Kendra wrote her first books on construction paper and bound them together with ribbon, though she can’t remember even one of those early stories. Once a teen and young adult, she jokingly referred to herself as Queen of the First Five Chapters, as that’s where every story seemed to fizzle out. It wasn’t until she was in her mid-thirties, when her family relocated to the West Coast, that she got lost in libraries again and finally managed to type “The End.”

Since finishing that first manuscript, Kendra hasn’t been able to stop new characters from talking to her.

Her fascination with all things out of this world comes out in her writing, whether it’s soaring on the backs of dragons, dinner conversation with vampires, or welcoming ghosts to sit down and tell her a story.

Kendra now lives back in Chattanooga, Tennessee with her husband, Tim, who’s responsible for making her believe all her writing dreams will come true. Together they have two daughters, Savannah and Tabitha, who both enjoy art and writing as well. By day, Kendra teaches eighth grade English & Language Arts in an urban middle school where she shares her love of writing and dreaming “big dreams” with her students.


Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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Cardboard Castles

Two worlds. One impossible choice.

When seventeen-year-old Josilyn begins to see the fantastical world of her father's imagination, she can't help but wonder if he's not insane, and that maybe she is...

Living in a crumbling cardboard castle under the bridge and struggling to care for her mentally ill father, Josilyn's life has been anything but regal. But when a former friend discovers Josilyn's secret and leads Child Protective Services directly to her, her father's visions of grand feathered dragons and treacherous dark knights become the least of Josilyn's problems.

Now separated from her father and terrified for his safety, Josilyn sees his imaginary world, forcing her to consider the possibility that someone may be desperate to see her father dead--and who to kill.