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K.R. Fajardo (Kelli) is a married mother of 3 beautiful children who lives in deep in the piney woods of East Texas. She loves chocolate, Dr. Pepper, 80's music, and anything paranormal. Her favorite way to unwind after a long, hard day is to kick up her feet and immerse herself into the fantastical world of a good book. It is this passion for reading that eventually lead Kelli to pursue her longtime dream of writing and in 2013, after a year of hard work, she self-published her first book K The Awakening. The following year its sequel Linked was released by Anchor Group Publishing. Spurred on by the out pouring of support she has received from friends, family, and complete strangers, Kelli looks forward to continuing to share her fantastical stories with readers around the world.



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Stalking Fate (Exclusive Preview)

Senka’s relationship with her sister has always been rocky at best. But blood is blood. So when she returns home from a hunting trip to find the only family she has left has been kidnapped, Senka will stop at nothing to get her back, even if it means risking her life and crossing into dangerous Shifter territory.

Duncan is a bear Shifter with a dark past. Twenty years ago he left his homeland behind to start over again, swearing never to return. Now an Alpha, he has built a new life for himself as a leader and protector of the Wanderer tribe who so kindly took him in. So when a stranger, welcomed into their camp, disappears in the dead of night with two of the tribe’s young girls, Duncan blames himself. And in order to make things right he must face his past and travel back to the one pla