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When I’m not writing books, I work the day job, wrangle my kids, four dogs, and a grouchy, old cat. When I get the chance I play computer games, ride horses, practice medieval martial arts, grow vegetables, throw axes, and read, not at the same time, that could get messy.
I have a website here
And a Facebook page here where we can hang out, have a couple of brewskis, and talk about the good old days.
You can also find me on Twitter @KTScribbles Once again, thank you so much for going on a ride with me and Breed. I hope I see you again soon.
All the best,



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The Best Laid Plans

Did you hear the one about the thief and the sorcerer who went to rob a senator? No, of course you didn't, it's a dull tale hardly worth recounting. Ah. But what happened after, now that's a story.

After being most unfairly swived and abandoned in the wilds, Breed Blake stumbles upon a barbarian who is also having a very bad day. It turns out when the great oaf isn't being attacked by bandits, he's on a mission to save a damsel in distress being held somewhere in the doom-haunted Scathblight Mountains.

A bargain is struck, gold is promised, and trouble ensues.

Grab a mug of ale, pull up a stool and I'll tell you all about it.

Dark, grim and wickedly funny, The Best Laid Plans is an anarchic, baroque and roll introduction to the award shortlisted 'The Chronicles of Breed'