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A Little About K.W. Milner

My story is one of adventure, love, heartbreak, failure, triumph, and then a bigger and even better love. Now, I am taking everything I have learned over my time on this wonderful planet and writing the stories that have been fighting their way into my mind for as long as I can remember.

I was raised in a family committed to giving me every opportunity possible for success. There was food on the table, new clothes every school year, the occasional family vacation, and access to the finest education in America. I turned my back on all of it.

Yep. I was an adventurer. A Wayfinder as Hugh Howey calls it. I spent years bouncing around and experiencing life. And, I regret nothing. Why? Because I have done a great many things and not many people can say that.

Experience trumps everything. That has been my mantra for decades. I have lived and worked from Cabo San Lucas to Juneau, Alaska and most points in between. I have been a commercial fisherman and a deckhand on a private yacht. I have carried millions of dollars through dangerous cities as an armed guard and I have run a large jail as a law enforcement commander. But now I have become something infinitely more interesting and terrifying. I am an author.

I write because it is what I love to do and what makes me fulfilled. It is a passion and a privilege. When I am not writing I hike, kayak, explore dirt roads in my Jeep, cook increasingly more complicated meals, shoot anything from crossbows to shotguns, and spend as much time with my loving family as possible.

If you came to this page hoping to find out more about the guy who wrote the book you just finished, I hope I delivered.

I try to update this site as often as possible but I get busy. One thing I always do is send out my monthly newsletter to let people know what I am working on and when the next book is being released. Sometimes I even throw in a free short story. Most are related to the characters in my books. People seem to like that. If you want the newsletter, go to and subscribe. Newletter recipients receive notices about new releases, promotional periods when my books are free, and bonus content unavailable anywhere else. I won’t sell your information. I hate authors who do that.

Thanks for your time,

K.W. Milner



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Murder on the Headlands Sneak Peek!

John Black had enough. He thought about retirement the second time he was shot but pulled the trigger when his wife was murdered by a violent ex-con bent on revenge. When he moved to sleepy Three Tree Point, he was supposed to be out of the game. For good. It was time to pass the torch and disappear to the coastal playground of his youth.

Then a body washed up on the beach; a stranger with no local ties. John was happy to let the local cops handle it. Except they didn’t, and now John can’t help but search for answers.

John picks up the killer’s trail and begins his hunt, determined to make things right. When he is attacked in the woods and left for dead, he knows he is getting close. John Black will not stop. There is a murderer loose in Three Tree Point and justice will be served.