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Ever read a book packed with emotion and think, this could use a joke? Or find yourself in the middle of a rollicking comedy and wish for some sentiment to make you swoon? So did author Karen Tomsovic. She decided to write the books she wasn’t finding. The result is her City Lights series of contemporary women’s fiction. These are standalone love stories that aim for the funny bone as well as the heart. They include the novels Spare Me the Drama and Heart Throbs, and the novella A Birthday in December.


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Heart Throbs (City Lights New York #1)

She got away before. But now he's back...

Acting royalty Amanda Monroe and cocky movie hunk Darrell Rawlings were once more than friends. Okay, twice. Darrell would have swept Amanda away forever, but Amanda had her doubts. That's ancient history.

Now she's about to wrap her role on a New York sitcom, marry the non-actor of her dreams, and fade from the spotlight.

Then Darrell hits town to guest-star for a week, and the joke is on her. He has wedding plans of his own, to the last woman on earth Amanda would choose for him.

It's anything but quiet on the set as new tension flares and old secrets come to light.

Soon Amanda must choose between the life she's always wanted and an even brighter future.

First book in the City Lights New York series of standalone romantic comedies.


A Birthday in December

For Geoffrey Monroe, January can’t come too soon. His Scrooge isn’t wowing anyone on Broadway. And his daughter has resolved to marry him off. But once the holidays are through, he’ll be free to resume his footloose lifestyle.

Then Toni Piccolo moves in across the street. It turns out the passionate young widow has an impossible daughter of her own.

Geoffrey gets an idea. They’ll teach their children not to meddle. Soon, he’s giving his best performance yet, as a man in love and ready to settle down.

Can he convince himself that it’s only an act?

A short, sweet romantic comedy for the holidays.


Spare Me the Drama

For two decades, Martin Leon and his wife, Jeanie, blissfully penned a daytime soap together and grew a large family before real life took a melodramatic turn.

Sexy star Roxanne Hunter parlayed her soap role into a lucrative business and never looked back. As she was on the brink of having it all, the universe pulled the rug out from under her, leaving her a secret heartache.

When Roxanne accepts widowed Martin’s invitation to a family birthday party, it’s only to fulfill a promise, not fall for him again.

But the females in Martin’s family have other plans, and soon, Roxanne allows herself to fall into the embrace of family life and a romance with him.

Can they get through fate together, or will the universe –and the past--pull the rug out from under her one more time?


Who Wants to Know?

Love a dose of sugar and a helping of humor in your romance?

Author Karen Tomsovic mixes comedy, sweet romance, family, and female relationships into charming stories that aim for the funny bone as well as the heart.

In "Who Wants to Know?" the author dishes up a delightful tale of sibling rivalry, recovery from loss, second chances at love—and the perils of owning a restaurant. With a zing of New York attitude on the side.