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Kenyon 's first novel, "Choice of the Mighty," debuted in February 2017. He followed that with book 2 in the series, "Chronicles of Stephen," in March of 2018 when "Trials of the Mighty" was released for pre-sale. With more books planned for the series and the world that Kenyon created, we can expect to see many more novels, some novellas, and even a comic book in the not-so-distant future.

Kenyon lives in Northwest Georgia with his wife. Together, they have six kids and two huskies. He and his wife are active in the local community.


Teen & Young Adult

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Choice of the Mighty

Stephen, a young man with a powerful gift to hear and control thoughts of others, returns home to Saint Louis, Missouri after his good intentions led to tragedy. His mind being torn, and nearing insanity, paranoia starts to set causing him to think he is constantly being watched. With the help of his mentor, however, he begins to understand his gift and how to control it. As he begins to seek out his purpose, he is left asking, "Why me?"

Stephen soon finds himself an unwilling participant in a war that has waged for several millennia, and is forced to choose sides in a battle he never believed in. The deeper he goes the more he understands what is at stakeā€”his life, his soul, and even the fate of humanity.