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Everyone has that single wish they desire above all else. For some, it’s discovering that fairy tale romance and living happily ever after with that special person. For others, it’s world domination. For me, I want my name synonymous with space fantasy fiction and writing a series that all sentient life will love.

Because love conquers all, even killer robots and kaiju beast monsters.

Aside from writing fiction that typically involves gods, monsters, magic, spaceships, frickin’ lazers, and bat shit crazy people, I also get a kick out of looking at blots of ink splattered on thin tree.

I love my family posse, great books, my mac book, the smell of citrus on human skin, sushi, and nuns who know kung fu.

P.S. many of you have asked: “What’s that blue thing growing out of your neck in the picture?” No, it’s neither a mutated lymph node nor a muppet demon spawn. It’s just a stuffed animal that whispers stories into my ear, and my secret weapon in my quest to becoming the best new fantasy author on the block.

All negative comments should be addressed to him.


Science Fiction

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Magic and Monsters

On most nights, the moths that eat street illusionist Obidi Seven’s tattered clothes have fuller stomachs than he. This will all change once he rescues Nora Leaf, wife of enigmatic billionaire Icarus Leaf, from her captivity by the monstrous Baron Stugart.

To do so, Obidi will have to put all his skills to the test and infiltrate the Baron’s castle, which is playing host to the Parliament of Magicians–a powerful inner circle responsible for the advancement of the mystic arts.

Obidi soon learns that nothing is what it seems as his rescue attempt turns into a blood-soaked conspiracy that will change the way he sees magic forever.