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A native of the Deep South, my best friend swears I'm the secret love child of Martha Stewart and punk icon Henry Rollins. I married an Über-Alpha Bad Boy Biker Computer Geek (yes--they do exist!) who is the best husband ever. I got hooked on romance at age 14. My grandmother got in trouble for buying me Belgian Romance by Lucinda Anne Day on our trip to Woolworth. (Yes, I'm dating myself.) I stumbled across Anne (Rice) Rampling's Belinda a few years later--that was an eye opener. When I discovered Nora Roberts' The MacGregor Brides in the Kansas City airport, I was sucked into a romance vortex and became a total junkie. I've lived in some major metropolitan areas, including NYC. That was a bucket list item. I've also lived in a small town in a dry county. I can tell you that freaky stuff goes on there, too.



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The Winner: A (Very) Short Story

This very short, very hot story is a little gift to my readers -- and a tiny preview of what I write. Yes, it's itty-bitty. It was originally going to go to a magazine, but now it's all yours! Enjoy this visit to a bar that's maybe not so far away from you. ;)