Kristina Bryson (pen name) could be you, me or the girl next door. From a young age her journey through life has given her more than her fair share of rubbish relationships and family feuds. Then slapped on top for good measure a healthy dose of stress, anxiety and panic attacks.

Throughout the highs and lows she has laughed and cried in equal measure and she tells her story with brutal honesty and humour. Indeed it is her brutal honesty which makes it wiser not to have a picture of her on this profile in case anyone in her memoirs tries to hunt her down and slap her!

Now in her 50s she is hugely fortunate to combine her passion for horses with her life on a Scottish farm.


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Reflections, Memoirs of a Fool

This short story is for every man and woman who, at some point in their life, have found themselves in THE worst relationship ever. If there were a book on how not to let someone treat you, then Herman and I would be in it. In fact, my memoirs could make a great self-help guide to finding the perfect relationship. Basically, read what I did and then do the exact opposite. Oh, and by the way, if you have ever tried dieting I can also give you some ‘do the opposite’ tips.