Like you, LA loves contemporary romance stories and is an avid reader.
She’s had her heart broken by her true love, yet is still addicted to happily ever after endings!
When LA is not writing about the next bad boy billionaire, contemporary romance novel, she enjoys a glass of Chianti, raclette with her girlfriends, spin classes, and watching the sunrise every morning!
She is a self-proclaimed desperate housewife and lives in a cul-de-sac of excitement, drama, and love stories. Many of her outlines are inspired here.
LA was given her nickname by one of her teenage daughters, and it stuck with friends and family!
Leanne lives in Canada with her husband, and 4 children!
She would love to connect with you!


Women's Fiction

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He was a billionaire bad boy, my best friend’s brother, and I was hopelessly in love, but when I saw him again at her wedding, he looked at me like I was a woman.
I gave him my virginity even though I knew this was nothing but a dream.
His father called me a whore and paid me to leave.
Heartbroken and lovesick and I thought I would never recover from losing my true love.
But I was not love sick, I was pregnant with his child.
He could never know the truth because I refused to be the gold digger they said I was.

The first moment I saw her I wanted her.
One night with her made me addicted to her love, but I’d lost her.
When I found her again she was with another man.