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I moved to Canada in the early 90’s and was born in Eastern Europe, to parents of different nationalities. I worked in the immigration and mental health sectors, and now pursue my lifelong dream of being a writer.


Other (Fiction)

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Scorpios and Sapphires

When Aidan Carver, former thief, is called in to help with the investigation of a robbery, he finds more than he had bargained for.
Mélisande Belmont, one of France’s wealthiest heiresses, is on the brink of loosing everything. But the investigation reveals that she is not as innocent as she may appear.
Can Mélisande Belmont, be trusted? And for that matter, can Aidan Carver?
Lies, betrayal, and personal agendas, fuel Scorpios and Sapphires as the characters from diverse cultural backgrounds deal with their own demons, social tensions, painful truths, and dark secrets.