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Though born and raised in the south, L.J. Garland has lived on both the east and west coasts. She adores traveling, the latest adventures added to her Bucket List: Machu Pichu and Australia’s Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef.

A member of RWA, she has several published books. She’s a member of The SFR Brigade and has been interviewed on The Galaxy Express. When it comes to writing, she loves brainstorming and mixing genres to create more surprising worlds and story plots.

Married to her best friend for over twenty years, she spends her time home schooling three rambunctious boys, editing in the epub industry, and writing stories that she hopes catches her readers’ imaginations as much as the characters and plotlines captivate her. In her spare time (what there is of it LOL), she has a multitude of hobbies, including building archery equipment from scratch and creating stained glass. She and her husband are both rated helicopter pilots and spent their 10th anniversary flying cross-country from east to west coast…an adventure she highly recommends.



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Lighting His Fire

Brigit MacKay fights fires from the air. Flying her helicopter to save lives and land rules her mind and heart. It’s all she’s ever dreamed of doing. But when she spots a body through the smoke haze, her life takes a turn she never expected.

Relationships have left Carter Kohl with a broken heart. Wary of women, he keeps things light. No-strings sex works fine for him. It’s not like he feels any connection anyway. Not until he meets a sexy helicopter pilot who sparks his interest.

Attraction blazes but Carter’s secrets threaten to destroy the tenuous relationship they’ve built. He wrestles with the fact that Brigit has accomplished what he believed impossible—lighting his fire. Can he risk his heart and trust her with the truth?



Hearts Afire

A shattered leg leaves Aiden MacKay unable to fight fires and rescue lives. A broken heart has him swearing off women. Then he runs into his high school best friend. So much has changed during their years apart. Does he dare tell her how much he wants her now?

Jessica Parker expects a quick visit to her hometown. But things don’t go as planned, and she finds herself caught in a web of danger. On the run, she’s surprised when she bumps into the guy in high school who stole her heart.

A madman hunts Jessica, intending to use a single match to keep her quiet forever. Though Aiden vows to keep her safe, his own dark secrets just might stop him. Together, they must confess the truth before it’s too late. The only thing they know for sure is being together again sets their Hearts Afire.