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“Any obstacle can be overcome! It’s all about attitude and never giving up.Not every story is broadcast on the evening news. Most heroes are every-day people. That is who I write about.That is what thrills me.” Laura Hesse, interview Chek 6 TV

Laura Hesse grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. She spent all of her free time during high school with the first love of her life, a Thoroughbred cross gelding, named Andy’s Pride. When she graduated high school, she traded her gumboots in for a pair of steel toed boots, and Pride moved on to be the love of another little girl’s life.

Laura graduated from Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology with a technical diploma in Forestry and worked her way west, eventually becoming the first woman to be hired on a Helitack grew in Alberta. In her non-fiction novel, Peter Pan Wears Steel Toes, she describes her life as a timber cruiser from all too friendly skunks to close encounters with bears and hiding from ball lightning as it flashed and rolled across the treetops over her head. It was the adventures of a lifetime, but as Laura likes to say, “when an outhouse became a luxury item, I knew it was time to leave the field.”

Laura wrote her first novel, One Frosty Christmas, while recovering from major surgery in 2001. The story was inspired by a young lady that she met while volunteering with Nanaimo Therapeutic Riding and a frostbitten mustang that arrived at Thunderbird Show Park on route from Wyoming to northern British Columbia.Laura Hesse

Laura lives on Vancouver Island and enjoys spending time with her horsey, doggie, and feline friends. While Laura’s fjord mare, Pumpkin Sally, passed away a couple of years ago, she is well remembered in the pages of The Great Pumpkin Ride and A Filly Called Easter.


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