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Suffice it to say, I have had a variety of jobs, some longer than others. Among the ones I most enjoyed was being a sports writer for the local newspaper, The Washington Daily News, and working in a computer tech-support role for an Internet company back in the dark ages of “dial-up is pretty much it” days.

I am a life-long reader, since learning how by reading the comics every Sunday with my father as a little bitty fella. Being as that was around age four, it was six decades ago. My first real book that I read all on my own at the tender age of seven was “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” by Jules Verne. The school librarian really didn’t want to let me check it out but finally gave in. When I brought the book back the next day, she asked, “A bit too hard for you, wasn’t it?” To which I replied, “Oh no ma’am, I finished it and I want another one like it.” And I have never looked back since.


Science Fiction

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The End Begins

Josanin the Heartless just wanted to conquer the world, not save it. Josanin has matched wits with countless heroes over the years. But an accidental discovery reveals that meddling heroes are the least of his worries. A terrifying legend out of antiquity is about to unleash annihilation on the world. Much to his disgust, he must play the hero for a change. Josanin may be the chosen one, but he can't stop an evil of such magnitude alone. He'll need the help of his old foes. Unfortunately, those battle-tested heroes will never believe a word he says, much less volunteer to help.Against such impossible odds, only a truly heartless manipulator like Josanin has the evil cunning to bend the champions to his will and set up a final battle to save the world from a would-be god.