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She never wanted to be a writer.
She never had any ideas for stories.
She is . . . drumroll . . .
The Accidental Novelist!

Leslie Miller grew up on a steady diet of Dr. Seuss & Nancy Drew and is still on the lookout for wacky words & important clues, even to this day. An incurable bookworm growing up, Leslie is surprised it took her so many years to start writing her own stories.

In her spare time, Leslie tramples merrily through thrift shops, loudly out-sings contestants on The Voice, and paints in both watercolors and pastels. She loves color and tries to incorporate it into her writing as vividly as in her paintings.

A native New Yorker, Leslie currently lives in Denver, CO.

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Science Fiction
Teen & Young Adult

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The Core Listener

Kayli-el has trained long and hard to be able to access her Core—but she’s refused to believe in its wisdom or trust its dictates.

And she’s not the only one. The ruthless Cronin Hegemony is determined to learn the secrets of the Core and subvert them for its own purposes. When they murder her Teacher, Kayli-el flees, leaving behind the only other person she loves, her best friend Serene.

Now she must depend on her Core to survive.