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Lizzie Jay is a fantasy and sci-fi author from Wales who really, really hates to write in third person!
My non-fiction work is mostly geared towards helping new writers find their feet in the bewildering world of writing novels, non-fiction and ebook preparation. There is information on this and more hints and tips at
When I have my metaphorical 'fiction hat' on I can be found updating my blog at
I live with my family in the Cotswolds and when I’m not writing can be found (not) completing killer sudokus, watching “Doctor Who” and trying my hardest not to do anything athletic – mainly because I have the response times of a snail!


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• How to make the most of those pockets of time that you do find.
• What to write when you do find the time and how to go about it in the most efficient way.
• How to plan so that you can progress even if you can only find a few minutes.
I wrote my first novel while up to my eyeballs in nappies and here are all the tricks I have learned to be able to carve out time to write without impacting on anything else. Stop saying you will write a book someday and make today the day you start!
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