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Louise Cusack lives in Australia, in a tiny fishing village on the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef. She's a long-time vegetarian and caffeine addict who spends her spare time pinning shiny shoes and hunky men on Pinterest.

Her novels are about curious women who get themselves into unlikely situations - whether that's an everyday woman from our world falling through a portal into a sepia kingdom, an amorous mermaid who gets herself stranded on dry land, or more recently, a perfectly ordinary house-sitter who finds herself husband sitting instead! You'll have to read the first book of her #HusbandSeries 'Husband Sit' to find out why...

Louise doesn't care what genre she writes in so long as the characters are endearingly real, the heroes are scorching hot and the sex is good!


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Husband Sit (Husband Series Book 1)

JILL: My kid sister has pushed me into some tough corners in the past, but asking me to come up with $120,000 to keep her out of a Bangkok jail is flat-out crazy. What’s worse, she’s sworn me to secrecy, so I can’t ask any of my three girlfriends for help. Luckily, I’ve found a lucrative job, Husband Sitting, being paid by rich wives to sleep with their husbands so infidelity won’t lead to divorce. It’s the latest fad in marriage protection where no-one is cheating, but there’s a downside—gorgeous Finn with his gigantor…you know. I've waited my whole life to meet someone as sexy and wonderful as Finn, but despite him coming after me, it’s never going to work. The way we met will always come between us. Or will it...

A full length, happily ever after, stand alone romance novel.