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A longtime lover of all things fantasy and science fiction, there was nothing I liked more as a kid than heading to the library and picking up the latest book written by one of my favorite authors.

As I got a little bit older I couldn't help but wonder if I could write novels that people would like as much as I did all the epic adventures I had read throughout my childhood. Noble heroes, clever villains, hideous monsters, the sweetest rewards of victory for some, and the most bitter of sacrifices for others.

I wanted to weave together grand tapestries of high adventure in the hopes that readers like yourself might one day take a look at them and enjoy the stories within.

I am currently writing novels in both the fantasy and GameLit / LitRPG genre.

The Risen Queen is an epic fantasy series about a girl and her talking cat embracing adventure, wonder, and the most dire of destinies.

Dragonsign is about a quartet of uniquely gifted boys who wonder if they can make friends and influence people without necessarily eating them.

Endless Online is a LitRPG series about a gamer who confronts a sinister corporation promising the most immersive of games ever to hit the market, only to find out that it's no game at all, and Earth itself is the prize in play. (forthcoming)


Teen & Young Adult

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Squire of War

Eager to live life on her own terms, Jess has made a name for herself Highrock Academy, where the most dedicated students are forged into elite warriors for the battles to come. Jess embraces her new life with fierce joy, valued for her skills alone.

Until she makes a fateful choice that costs her everything, all prestige and honor stripped away, mocked and shamed by the entire school.

It is only then that her enemies strike, determined to see her fall. But her fall alone is not enough.

A vicious trap is sprung, endangering Highrock and everyone within. Jessica's bitter exile then becomes a desperate mission to rescue her friends as she confronts the dark secrets that haunt her school and discovers the true cost of forbidden power.


First Blood

No knight can match her. No professor will pass her.

Jess has a warrior's passion, a Druid's gifts, and a professor planning her downfall. If she doesn't act the proper lady, she will be sent home in disgrace. But when slavers bring misery and ruin to her homeland, she trades silk and lace for iron and steel. Expulsion is the least of her worries, with an entire fortress of enemy soldiers waiting to kill her.

If you like stories full of exotic magic, visceral combat, and a girl willing to take on all odds for the sake of her friends, then you'll love this exciting new series, eight books in all!

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