I was involved with education and teaching for more than thirty years. Now that I've retired, I have the time to write. I have a website called 'Books from the Heart' and it details most of my writing to date.

I completed writing The Broken Vows Trilogy in 2017 but have withdrawn Book 1 - Broken Vows from sale. Contact me if you would like to know why.

I wrote "Pennie' as a prequel to The Broken Vows Trilogy. After withdrawing Book 1 of the series, I have extensively rewritten and expanded 'Pennie'. It is now Book 1 of The Pennie Irvine Series. If you have already read the original 'Pennie', you will recognise much of what is in this new book. I have made this book 'Permafree' which means you can get an e-book copy completely free at any time. It will be available direct from my website and also through the Prolific Works giveaway site.


Teen & Young Adult

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Living on the streets at seventeen, that was me. A minor incident with the police was enough to get me thrown out. I filled a backpack with a few belongings, said goodbye to my friends, and started hitchhiking across Australia. I’m glad I’d learned about street fighting – two years on the road showed me a girl on her own doesn’t have to play fair. After I found and lost Steve, my life changed, forever.
This book is the start of The Pennie Irvine Series. At around 25K words, it's an easy read providing a good introduction to my writing.
Please let me know what you think!