After a career of more than thirty years in teaching, Marty Langenberg retired due to ill-health. Since then he has concentrated on his writing, publishing his first novel, ‘Broken Vows’ in September 2017.

Broken Vows is the first book in the BROKEN VOWS TRILOGY which has been described as an adventurous Coming of Age Series with thriller overtones.

'The Baby Farm' is book 2 of the BROKEN VOWS TRILOGY. Book 3, 'A French Connection' is also available.

Marty lives in Leopold, Australia with his wife and their cat.



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Broken Vows

Can a priest be ‘unchaste’?
Can he love a married woman?

Imagine a priest who has his own interpretation of his Vow of Chastity, and holds to it, even after it forces his Bishop to relocate him to a new parish.
There, Fr. Jack McCaffrey unexpectedly meets an ex-parishioner, who tells him she is separated, but still married.
Will he provide intimate comfort and support to her, just because she confesses that she plans to divorce her husband?
How will he respond when a confused, homeless man saves his life?
Will he again disobey his Bishop by offering the man his help in return?
Moral dilemmas combine to challenge Jesus' ultimate command: Love one another.