Matt Eaton lives in Brisbane, Australia and is an author of fiction and a journalist of fact. When he’s not making stuff up, he works for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) digital news service.

He’s worked in the media for more than 30 years, including seven years at the ABC’s youth radio network Triple Jay, where he was a news reader and reporter, making travel docos and tripping around the world covering pro surfing events. These days, Matt enjoys a quieter life in Brisbane. He likes swimming, walking, reading, as well as devouring the best shows on Netflix with his wife and daughters. He’s a lover of both kinds of music — rock and jazz.

His acclaimed debut novel, Blank: Mind The Gap, is a scifi paranormal thriller with post-apocalyptic overtones. If pushed, Matt describes himself as a pagan spiritualist, but says this is really way too absolute for comfort.


Science Fiction

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The first men to fly to the Moon on Apollo 8 see something that shouldn't be there. Something so strange that NASA must not be told.

From lunar orbit, Earth looks lonely and fragile in the blackness of space. Lonely, but not alone — the far side is a perfect place to hide.

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