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Max Carver is a lifelong fan of all areas of scientific inquiry. He has previously worked as a medical writer focused on genetics, genomics, and proteomics. He grew up drinking in all the old masters of science fiction—typically available for a quarter apiece, in battered-paperback form, at the local used book store—with a particular affinity for Robert Heinlein and Frank Herbert. He later studied English literature at assorted colleges in the United States and England.

Today, Max Carver lives in a mountainous area of the United States, writing science fiction that explores questions about the nature and evolution of intelligent life in our universe, in between healthy doses of epic space battles with alien monsters.

The first book, Reclamation, is a complete novella in itself as well as an introduction and prequel to the Relic Wars series, a galactic epic that will unfold over several novels. The first full-length novel, Resistance, is coming soon. Sign up for his newsletter today, and you won't miss a thing.


Science Fiction

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Reclamation (A Relic Wars Novella)

Humanity has been at war with itself for a generation, different factions battling for control of newly discovered inhabitable systems.

In a distant system on the edge of known space, a deep-space salvage crew collects useful metals and materials in the aftermath of an epic battle.

They discover more than they expected: an ancient relic, an item of unbelievably advanced technology, created by a mysterious galactic civilization that vanished thousands of years ago.

The relic could change the course of human history...but the reclamation crew also meets a terrifying new species of monstrous aliens who could bring human history to its final end.

Reclamation is a full-length novella, strongly recommended for fans of military science fiction and SF/horror like Aliens and Predator.