Science Fiction


M.A. Jewell

I'm intrigued! downloading this one :)

Jillian Riley

Mckayla is a great Author, she wanna makes me read more and more...

Aaron Dawbot

When it comes to shifters I get always enticed, a very good story with a balanced plot. Everyone should give it a try.

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Family means everything to wolves and witches. But when a wolf mates to a witch, it’s not a happily ever after situation.

After years of pushing down her feelings, Celina is ready to bring her family together. But she doesn’t know where her mate lives. Before she goes on the hunt, she decides to leave her daughter with her sister to keep her safe. When she finds Pico, she must convince him she was wrong for keeping them apart and how she wants her family to be whole once more.

For five long years Pico has lived apart from his mate and little girl Alia, who’s more witch than wolf. They both need a coven and he can’t provide it for her in his wolf only pack in California. Pack problems have grown tense, and he’s ready to fight to the death to keep them safe.