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M.A. Jewell

I'm intrigued! downloading this one :)

Jillian Riley

Mckayla is a great Author, she wanna makes me read more and more...

Aaron Dawbot

When it comes to shifters I get always enticed, a very good story with a balanced plot. Everyone should give it a try.

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Solar Eclipse- Preview

When Amethyst leaves her ex, the expected freedom comes to a crashing halt once she imprints with a werewolf. Not just any wolf, her old friend’s brother, Walter. And if that wasn’t bad enough her ex turns her into a wolf too! All the men in her life want something from her, but did any consider what she wanted? Acceptance. Family. To be herself.
Walter is considered the bad brother and with his checkered past he understands their side, but no one has ever asked him why he stayed with Kerine. Years ago he had teamed up with Kerine, a bad witch, to protect his family and yet they saw it as ‘sleeping with the enemy’. And with the witch bitch gone, he wants his life back on to protect his family and yet they saw it as ‘sleeping with the enemy’.


Darius- Preview

Charlie’s dream of seeing the Northern Lights has turned into a full-blown nightmare of cracking ice and a dead friend. Her best friend survived with the help of a knight in shining armor, well he’s a freaking dragon and Charlie’s world is about to change forever. After crashing into the snow they take shelter in a cave, which only seems to bring problems to the trio’s way. While his light blue eyes bring her in, his words keep pushing her away.


Gerald- Preview

A strong dragon like Stella Herrman never pictured herself unable to complete the bond with her future mate. She refuses to mark the alpha until he bites first but her dragon wants to lay claim to Gerald Baudin, no matter the consequences.



Angie's New Moon- Preview

The fear of being experimented on kept Angie from living her life. She wants a mate, something more, but she can't find it hiding in her mother's shadows. She throws caution to the wind on her birthday and heads out to see Aiden, the twin brother she's been kept away from.
Hector doesn’t do long term relationships. Love doesn't like him and he doesn't deserve it. His long list of conquests only proves his quick cycle of women.


Blood Moon- Preview

Maria planned to become the Mayor of Austin, Nevada but she didn’t expect to get the position by default. As the Interim Mayor, she must meet the local alpha, Derrick. Sparks fly and the imprint bond threatens to destroy everything she has worked for. In her mind a Mayor can’t be compromised and being the alpha’s mate would do just that. Choosing between her career and the alpha will be the hardest choice she has to make.

Being the alpha, Derrick needs to find a mate and have children to pass the alpha gene. When the imprint connects him to a woman who doesn’t want to settle down he must find a way to convince her otherwise. When secrets about Maria’s family pop up, Derrick must keep his cool so Maria will stay safe. Neither his wolf or his human side will let Maria go without a fight.



Summer Solstice- Preview

Carmen’s smart ass mouth might have gotten her into trouble too many times. The Elders call a meeting and Carmen fears it’s all because of her. To her relief, they call for a volunteer to go supervise the new witches down south. She needs to get away from her old coven and prays to the goddess above that the new coven will accept her as a permanent member. She wants to make a good impression with the new witches and hopes she can make a new home in Austin, Nevada. But when she imprints with a wolf and he wants to complete the bond, Carmen balks at the idea of a wolf witch couple. She can't make a good impression on the new coven if she's stuck with a wolf.


Dolmire Academy of Spells

A prophecy marks her for death. He’ll protect her no matter the cost.

River is being blamed for a future of death and destruction, but she’s never done a thing to harm another witch or any being. Hunters of Supernatural, werewolves and vampires are threatening her life at each turn. Daimen, a teacher from her school has been helping out but her feelings for him are growing deeper every hour. If River falls, the person framing her might bring the destruction she’s been framed for.



Family means everything to wolves and witches. But when a wolf mates to a witch, it’s not a happily ever after situation.

After years of pushing down her feelings, Celina is ready to bring her family together. But she doesn’t know where her mate lives. Before she goes on the hunt, she decides to leave her daughter with her sister to keep her safe. When she finds Pico, she must convince him she was wrong for keeping them apart and how she wants her family to be whole once more.

For five long years Pico has lived apart from his mate and little girl Alia, who’s more witch than wolf. They both need a coven and he can’t provide it for her in his wolf only pack in California. Pack problems have grown tense, and he’s ready to fight to the death to keep them safe.



Red Eclipse- Preview



A Valentine Imprint

Anne and Drake are back! The second in command, Rocco, is murdered and all the clues lead to Drake. Can Anne clear his name before the alpha kills him? Find out in A Valentine Imprint, a sexy werewolf shifter romance.

This book can stand alone but is better after A Christmas Imprint!


A Christmas Imprint

Anne never expected to imprint with a werewolf let alone fall in love with him. Once she meets the sexy divorce lawyer, Drake at the office party she finds him almost irresistible. Anne wants to listen to her heart but her head fears all the feelings of love is only due to the imprint bond. With Christmas coming soon she must figure out if her feeling for Drake are real or just part of some wolf magic to bring them together.

Is the universe right for bringing them together? Or is this relationship doomed to fail?

**This is erotic short story**