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Michael Croucher was on the Metropolitan Toronto Police Department for 18 years, and served on The Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit investigating organized crime. During his police career, he learned that some organized criminals study police tactics almost as much as the police do, and that has made some good glue for his crime fiction. An award‐winning writer, he is building his list of crime and mystery novels, as well as several volumes of short stories. Michael’s short story Night Wagon was awarded first place for fiction by The Toronto Writers and Editors Network (2012).
He and his wife live in a small Ontario town. They have two married daughters, and five grandchildren. When he’s not writing, Michael reads fiction and follows hockey. He also enjoys, music, art, history, old photographs, and stargazing at night, occasionally with a nice single-malt scotch. He has travelled extensively over the years, and thoroughly enjoyed it. But now, unless he has to travel, he prefers being closer to home, sticking to a routine, and making up for years of lost writing time.
Diamond Run is his second novel.



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Diamond Run

This spin through the ruthlessness of organized crime and the fright of a woman who finds herself the quarry is a story of underworld diamond heists gone wild. From New York City to Ontario, Canada, criminals and police are in a deadly race.
Sue Jensen is on her own chilling trail. Her beautiful Victorian house in the Canadian wine country is haunted and she needs to find out who is the ghost slipping into her bed at night. Will she discover far more than she ever imagined? Is it possible to put ghosts to rest?
Sergeant Phil Mahood is in a desperate undercover battle against the psychotic mobster-killer who will stop at nothing for diamonds. Phil is skeptical of Sue's ghost, and is falling in love with her. In the mayhem, will Phil's Phil's mobster targets stay steady in the crosshairs?