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Michelle Horst is a Bestselling Romance Author who likes her books hot, dirty, and with a touch of darkness. She loves an alpha hero who is not scared to fight for his woman.

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Women's Fiction

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Dirty, A Damaged Romance Duet #1

Degraded. Ravaged. Dirty

People pay thousands just to have a taste of me.
I have to obey for the sake of my brother. As long as I’m the perfect slave, David remains safe.
A life of depravity and cruelty is all I’ve ever known … until her.

I might be damaged, but I’m not destroyed. I crave revenge for what was done to me. I have a need to kill, to feel their lifeless blood dripping from my fingers. But I also crave her. She makes me feel. She makes me want. I just have to make her see me. The man. The fighter.

Freedom. No one is ever truly free. She doesn’t want to enslave me, but damn, I’ll willingly be a slave to her heart.

When my past threatens to take her from me, revenge and wrath burn hot through me.

She’s not just worth living for. She’s worth killing for.



I’m not capable of love.
I’m loyal and honorable. I’ll kill for those closest to me.
But love? Hell no. It’s saver for everyone if I remain a bachelor. Besides, money buys me everything I need.

While on a mission to rescue my best friend, I find Riley instead. Barely alive, she’s the only survivor after her family is brutally murdered.
It’s time for me to honor my promise to her brother. I have no choice but to protect this injured beauty.

I can’t ignore the intense feelings she stirs inside of me.
Her flawless beauty and vulnerability wakes the beast in me.
She’s slowly becoming my reason for living. I will destroy whoever dares to threaten her.

I’ll protect her, even if it means protecting her from myself.



Poppy - A Sexy Modern Fairytale

Storm, the eldest son of a heartless businessman, is forced to choose a bride. His father wants grandchildren to secure the future of Royal Industries, and he wants them now. Forced to choose from a specific list of women that’s been promised to the Royal family, Storm holds a masquerade ball and invites the six women.

Poppy has lived a sheltered life. She has been homeschooled by her overprotective mother. Attending the masquerade ball is an exciting experience for her until she lands in the arms of Storm Royal. Electricity crackles around them. Poppy’s delicate new love is shattered when she finds out why Storm really wants to marry her. She’s only a means to an end, another piece of property.

Can Storm win Poppy’s trust while trying to keep his fiery desire for her under control?