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Born at an early age in the city of Bristol, which was then far from the bright lights but is now like a suburb of London, Mike soon tired of the provincial life in the South West of England. After some false starts and getting lost with a bad map, the author arrived in the North West (he could have gone straight up). The city of Manchester is bigger than Bristol (and even has trams), so Mike moved across the river to Salford and stuck his nose in places it shouldn't have gone. He found crime. Now he writes about such stuff in the form of thrillers and crime fiction mysteries, which would actually sit better on library shelves as 'Social Realism', but hey, you only get one go at classification. Mike Scantlebury is now a name you will find in local newspapers and on the local radio, where he used to host a weekly show with his missus for many years. He is also to be found in Folk Clubs, and other seedy settings, where he sings his own songs and plays the guitar, haltingly. Sometimes he walks, sometimes he runs, rides bikes, and even comes out at night. Just one thing - if you ask for an autograph, be prepared for really bad handwriting.



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Prince William At Olympics 2012

Prince William of England, second in line to the throne, is asked by his grandmother to represent her at the Olympics events happening in the North of England in 2012. The Prince is pleased at the request, appearing in public as the Queen's representative, but then less than happy when people start shooting at him and threatening his life. Then Melia arrives. Amelia Hartliss, or 'Heartless' as she is known, is a professional, but in the weeks spent in the Prince's company, she finds she is tested to the limit. She is attracted to the young man, and is surprised to find that the feeling may be mutual. As the terrorists close in, the two dissimilar people forge a bond that is more than their duty demands.