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I've loved to create stories for as long as I can remember. Characters come tumbling out of my brain and worlds develop around them. I grew up in a lovely, noisy, active, Dutch/Indonesian-origin migrant family, the second child of eight with a father and mother who knew how to laugh, had a keen interest in not taking anything for granted, and loved to philosophise and read books. They valued education and thoughtfulness. Reflecting on my childhood, I wonder why, given that I was often scribbling stories, that my parents didn't encourage me to take up a writing career. I asked my mother about it once (when I was already in my fifties); she said: "It just never occurred too us" - funnily enough, it never occurred to me either. Now, with my children grown up - and a career as a manager, consultant, academic, environmental advocate and editor behind me – I've finally decided to bring my creations to the fore.


Women's Fiction

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Skyseeker Princess

Ellen clings to the back of her wonderful glasaur, Rosa, racing away from Redel's brutal betrayal. But there is no escape from the position she has been groomed for. Elthán is drawn into her granddaughter's adventures, pushed by the mysterious Cryptals, who fear that the very fabric of their island is being torn apart by the Lianthem's actions. The Cryptal's Antarctic island of Si'Empra is like no other on Earth. Cryptals, Skyseekers and Crystalmakers have lived peacefully together for thousands of years, but all is changing: neither the Guild Masters nor the Lianthem can direct the course of the future; that is for Ellen to unlock.