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N.K. Aning is the author of more than four books. His notable works include Prophecy, Damned and most recent; The Conjuring. He is a graduate from the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. He lives in Tema.


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Teen & Young Adult

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A father is headed to his daughter's graduation when without warning, the driver mysteriously disappears. Around the world, similar events are happening. Nations are in turmoil. But is the world ready for the truth?



Edward had been a man of faith, always believing in the unfailing love of his creator. But when he ends up at the gate of hell, he begins to wonder if the God he had been taught to believe in was ever real..

Michaella was not a believer in God. But when fate pulls them together into the dark recesses of hell, they discover an explosive truth which would change their lives forever.

For even in hell, there is redemption for those who search for it.


The Conjuring

How far would you go to save your family?

Milton Freeman witnessed the tragic demise of his parents in a freak accident. He would have given anything to have them back. But now his younger brother, Josh is in a life threatening condition. He is the only family left.

He makes a deal to save his brother’s life, but Milton is about to learn that some deals are better left alone.

Something beyond his imagination is coming for him. An evil that intends to take his soul if he lets it


The Bronze Man's Secret

When his parents left him alone in the house, he thought he was free at last. Until his arch enemy arrived. What could possibly go wrong?