Nancy Glynn has been writing all her life but became a published author in 2015. Born and raised in Chicago, she's enjoyed creating stories from this great city as well as the surrounding towns. She has three children ages 21, 17, and 15. She now resides in a small town in the southern part of Illinois with her two teens and writing her next book in the Town of Destiny series. With her two cats climbing on her as she tries to write and a dog who stares at her for no good reason, a daughter who likes to go shopping and get her nails done, a son who loves to talk especially when she is writing, she's quite busy. If the reader isn't laughing or crying while reading her stories, Ms. Glynn will not be happy. That is her goal. She promises an emotional roller-coaster ride that'll leave you wanting more. Subscribe and get updates on her writing life and new releases as well as sales!


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