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USA Today Best Selling author, Nancy Radke writes clean and wholesome romances and westerns. All her books stand alone, loosely connected in a series. Her Sisters of Spirit novels range from simple romances to life and death thrillers, most of which contain some humor. The Brothers of Spirit novels are thrillers or mysteries.

The Trahern novellas are mainly adventurous. This first one is based on her great-great grandmother's written account of her journey in a wagon train. Nancy's ranching background provides much of the ideas for the rest of the series.

Nancy also writes books on How to Teach, and created the Show & Tell Bible series for children ( and Raising Giants, a program to help parents teach their children, including a free reading program. (


Education & Teaching
Historical Romance
Teen & Young Adult

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The Handsomest Man in the Country

She had always wanted to marry the handsomest man in the country, but the war takes her family, so Mally sets out on foot to find her Uncle and Aunt in Missouri. They have joined a wagon-train when she finds them, so she becomes part of the westward migration.
Folks really love these coming-of-age stories, set at the end of the Civil War. Trahern stories are similar in style to Louis L'Amour's books. They are like having a grandmother tell you of her adventures coming west. This series involves various members of the Trahern family as they leave the Tennessee mountains. It focuses on their journey west and how they find the person they marry. The books vary in the amount of romance included, but all are clean and wholesome, and can be shared with your teenagers. A fast and enjoyable read.