Neus Figueras is an oceanographer and marine biologist who needs to write all the adventures, setbacks, and achievements her characters undergo in her head.
When she's not underwater or immersed in her computer, she likes to read and ride her bike—just not at the same time.
Member of a wonderful open society to save the world, she also loves to swim among the fishes under the sun and has won six local and regional literary contests.


Teen & Young Adult


Tam Warner Minton

I love books about saving the ocean, coral reefs, and magical creatures! My book also is about the ocean. What could be better than science and fantasy combining to save the ocean?

E.E. Rawls

Love the cover, and that this story focuses on the marine environment!

JT Harris

Very neat. Lovely cover.

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Lorac: An Adventure to Save the Ocean

Lorac didn’t set out to be the voice of the ocean, but when the future is at stake, being a hero is the only choice.

Lorac, the youngest of a family of sea nomads, suffers a series of unfortunate events and has to seek refuge in the heart of the sea.
The transition isn’t easy, and unexpected difficulties arise. But helped by his new friend Zoe, Lorac joins a family of centenarian creatures and discovers the secrets of the coral reef―his real home.
A threat that affects the marine world, however, makes him depart to the place he once knew and now knows no more, in a daring mission to save the ocean―and the planet.

Science and fantasy come together in an adventure of hope and courage that transmits an important message to protect our environment.

~Recommended for 12+ and adults~