Orrin Jason Bradford is actually visionary author, W. Bradford Swift, who chose to use a pen name for The Kindred Series to make it clear to his Young Adult fantasy readers that this book is of another breed entirely. Dr. Swift is a graduate of Clarion West in Seattle where he honed his skill and passion for writing fantasy and science fiction. These two genres are forms of visionary fiction – fiction that first and foremost entertains while also enlightening and encouraging the reader to embrace greater possibilities in their own lives. Giving back to future generations of young adults and adults through visionary fiction and non-fiction is an integral part Swift’s legacy of a life on purpose. To learn more about additional books by the author go to: and www.


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Goldcraft: A Fantastic Fable of Foster Flat


Ellenore Finds Her Muse (A Fantastic Fable of Foster Flat)

Ellenore Mishner discovered the Muse sleeping on her porch when she returned from her volunteer work at the local soup kitchen.  Once again, she'd been convinced to help out at the homeless shelter by her best (and if truth be told, only) friend, Allison McKemp, the same way Allison always convinced her to do crazy things -- by making her feel guilty.


Charm House - From Fantastic Fables of Foster Flat



The world won’t know what hit it...
Tasked to assess a Level III Civilization deep in space, Sluneg is fast-approaching the respective planet—one known only as Earth. When his vessel experiences a grave malfunction, an unlikely assistant may guide him to safety, but, without a quiet landing, the entire mission will be put in jeopardy. Can Crenosian technology live up to its intergalactic renown?
B.I.U.F.O.’s secret taskforce hasn’t missed the object barreling down on them, and, with lack of a better option, recently inducted field agent Pat Vogt is chosen to investigate. Somewhere in the mountains of North Carolina, a seeming aircraft is set for collision, but no one could possibly imagine the repercussions of its cargo.
Aboard, a dark cocoon is pulsing. Now, it’s a race against time.


*FreeForm: Book #1 of the Saga of the Dandelion Expansion

A top secret investigation on a secluded mountaintop and a mystery that will rock the world.

In 1993, a remote North Carolina mountaintop is the site of an event destined to change the course of mankind and Earth itself, discovered and investigated by Pat Vogt, a junior member of the Bureau of Investigation of Unidentified Flying Objects. A slight woman with a hard streak of determination that would put larger men to shame, Pat insists on being dropped into the remote wilderness area, a feat her pilot thinks is insane, but for Pat, it's all in a day's work. It brings her face to face with Earth’s first verifiable UFO and sets into motion a series of events that not only threatens her life but destroys her career.