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Paul grew up in the British Army having joined at just 17 ½ years old and spent the next twenty plus years there while devouring any and all science fiction he could get his hands on. Post army he stayed in the security and intelligence worlds and with more time on his hands put his military skills and his experiences to good use by combining them with his lifetime love of sci-fi to create stories of space marines, space battles and fantastic technologies for reader's enjoyment (and his own).

With the success of his début Saiph series Paul has turned his one-time hobby into a job and now concentrates on writing, much to the horror of his wife who puts up with him at home on a full-time basis.


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Science Fiction

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Beyond Apollo

The Apollo program reached the Moon, but, its real goal was Mars.

It's 0830 hours, July 4th, 1976. The Quest blasts into orbit and rendezvous with NASA’s experimental Nuclear Thermal Rocket. Quest’s mission: To take its three-man-crew on a dangerous and unparalleled journey... to Mars.


The Province by PP Corcoran. A military thriller short story.

In the world of Black Ops they are the most audacious

Frank Winters is a soldier in the British Army. The one time Corporal in the Intelligence Corp has become a surveillance operative in the daring and deadly Military Support Group. Called upon to serve in political hotspots around the world he has a variety of skills, surveillance is just one of them.

Without warning a murderous terrorist attack plunges Northern Ireland into meltdown. The backlash results in the imposition of Direct rule on The Province. London needs it fixed, fast.

Frank finds himself in County Armagh. His mission is simple - watch and observe. Until a deadly turn of events forces MSG to step outside their primary role and take risky explosive action.