Pamita Rao is the author of Fantasy and Science fiction series - 'Descendants'. The prequel novel - Gates of Heaven was released in July of 2016 with expected release of a subsequent novel in March of 2017. Many more books shall follow in the Descendants series. Pamita also states that these books will go back and forth in time and also will be written in different worlds and universes.


Teen & Young Adult

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Gates of Heaven

A fantasy action adventure series!

An empire ruled by evil and fear; a king obsessed with greed for greater power and desire to conquer other realms.
Alaira has just stood up against the tyranny and committed the most serious crime in the kingdom. If captured, she will face brutal punishment. With the King’s men on her back and his dark magic against her fate, she is on the run in a race against time.
With no place left to hide, her only hope is to escape through the Gates of Heaven, a mythical portal to other realms. But there is a problem. To reach the Gates of Heaven one must cross the enchanted forest and no one has ever survived it before.
Will Alaira find the Gates of Heaven? Will she be able to escape Creed or will she meet the dreaded fate of every criminal in Myrth?