Hi, I'm Paul Teague, the author of The Secret Bunker Trilogy.

I'm a former broadcaster and journalist with the BBC, but I have also worked as a primary school teacher, a disc jockey, a shopkeeper, a waiter and a sales rep.

I have written short stories, plays, letters for magazines and hundreds of web articles, even a couple of self-­published marketing books, but never a full­-size fiction book.

'The Secret Bunker' was inspired by a family visit to a remarkable, real-life secret bunker at Troywood, Fife.

I love dystopian fiction so this trilogy has been a great opportunity to finally come up with my own vision of a future world where things are going haywire.

The Secret Bunker blog can be found at:

The Secret Bunker blog can be found at:

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One Fatal Error [Book Sample]

A millionaire's secret retreat. The chance of life-changing money. A man who's willing to risk everything to achieve his dreams ...

When Matt Dalton is shortlisted for funding by a world famous millionaire, he thinks his fortune is finally changing.

Having quit his job to follow his dreams, he and his childhood sweetheart Clare have their backs against the wall.

They stand to lose everything - the house, their marriage, their future.

When photos emerge of Matt's indiscretions, their relationship is put in jeopardy.

One weekend on Sebastian Helix's maritime fortress could change everything.

But when events take a terrible turn and they're trapped at sea, surrounded by killers, Matt begins to regret his actions.

He and Clare must fight for their lives as a leisurely weekend turns into


Burden of Guilt [Book Sample]

Five friends. A burned body. So many lies.

Reeling from an abusive relationship, Katy Wild sells up her house, puts her belongings in storage and heads for the Scottish Highlands.

Leaving all of her troubles behind her, she sets off to explore the rural wilderness and figure out what to do with her life.

But Katy's problems have followed her out into the isolated hills where there's no place to hide.

Alone and unprotected, Katy must fight for her life against a predator who's come for his revenge.

She went out there to find herself. But danger found her first ...

Please note that this book contains mild violence, bad language and sexual references.

Paul J. Teague is also the author of the Don't Tell Meg Trilogy and Dead of Night.


Phase 6 [Book Sample]

A deadly plague. A decaying city. A sinister force ready to step into the void ...

Alex Brady is in denial.

His girlfriend Audra has disappeared, his father is being held in prison and he still thinks it will all turn out fine.

But his friends Deena and Carlos know better, and they can see the writing on the wall.

What with the compulsory vaccination programme, the increased presence of the sinister Fortrillium and a world that's falling to pieces around them, they know this is the endgame.

When Alex receives a desperate message from Audra, he knows that the time has come to take action.

He must break into Fortrillium's sprawling HQ and discover the ugly truth about what's happening behind closed doors.

What he finds there could herald the end of civilization ...


The Secret Bunker 1: Darkness Falls [Book Sample]

A secret bunker. A deep darkness. Can Dan put the pieces together before the whole world is lost?

When a dark and sinister force begins spreading across the world, Dan Tracy is trapped below ground and separated from his family. As all of humanity is forced to deal with the crisis, Dan must come to terms with his new surroundings. In his search for his loved ones, he discovers the bunker is actually a state-of-the-art operations center… and Dan has been granted full access. But who is in control here? And what is going on?

Darkness Falls is the first book in a modern-day sci-fi dystopian thriller. If you like fast-paced apocalyptic action, captivating characters, and stories that keep you reading all night long, then you’ll love Paul Teague’s Secret Bunker Trilogy.


The Grid Trilogy 1: Fall of Justice [Book Sample]

A fortress city. A terrifying prison. A survivor determined to beat the odds.
Joe Parsons’ father has just disappeared. Growing up in a post-plague world, he knows that justice is in short supply, but he craves answers. He hacks into the sinister Fortrillium network, but when he’s caught red-handed, he’s in for the shock of his life.

Joe is thrown into The Grid, a prison lined with inhumane cages where the only hope of a trial comes from surviving a series of terrifying challenges. Only one person has ever escaped the deadly, gamified colosseum. Hunted by his enemies and in constant danger, Joe must find a way to survive. What he discovers along the way will change his life forever… if he can manage to escape.

Fall of Justice is a gripping work of dystopian sci-fi.


Don't Tell Meg [Book Sample]

[Note: You are downloading a sample of the book]

Two women. One night. So many deaths.

When radio journalist Pete Bailey betrays his wife Meg on his fortieth birthday, he has no idea of the terrible consequences that will follow his infidelity.

His passionate relationship with Meg is on the rocks and they’re having no luck starting a family.

It’s only when he meets TV reporter Ellie Turner on a working weekend away from home that Pete succumbs to her charms in a moment of weakness.

His treacherous actions set off a chain of events fueled by jealousy, revenge, violence and hatred.

Five people will lose their lives as a result of Pete’s deception and he will be compelled to confront the ugly truth about his wife and his best friend, Jem.

He thought that nobody would ever discover what


Dead of Night [Book Sample]

A lonely road. A freak accident. A violent pursuit. Now they must try to stay alive until daylight ...

When Jack and Lucy hit a man in their car whilst driving through fog, they think it's just a random accident.

But when cars pull up and an armed manhunt begins, they know that they're running for their lives.

With a marriage that's on the rocks and a new baby who's driven a wedge between them, the couple are hanging on to their relationship by their fingertips.

But thrown into the deadly world of industrial espionage, they must fight to keep each other alive and rescue their child, whose life is in peril.

As Jack and Lucy hurtle towards the abyss they will find that the real enemy was among them all the time.