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Paula Houseman thought her life was, well ... meh. Until she started fiction writing. Memories flooded back and she realised her existence had not been mundane at all. It had been ridiculous!

Her university studies helped her see what was hidden behind the absurdity, and to understand that at the core of everything we read and circulate, there is a wealth of ancient, uncut stories that echo from the backwoods of our individual and collective psyches.

Digging around in these myths, Paula rediscovered her passion for wordplay. She also became reacquainted with the butt-ugly, potty-mouthed goddess who embodies a holy kind of dirty, but that got her into trouble as a child! This muse reminded Paula of what it means to be 'real', and is responsible for the bawdiness in Odyssey in a Teacup, a book that pays homage to the glorious messiness of life.


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