R. Shannon’s novels are Catholic and Christian friendly and feature an ensemble of interesting characters. The stories are written in a slice of life style with light humor, biblical morality and heart.

She was born and raised in New Jersey and has lived over 20 years in Florida.

When not writing, she is coding web design and contributing to a “new author” blog. Be sure to sign up at to get notice of new and/or early releases.

She loves to interact with readers, so if you enjoyed the book, please feel free to email her at



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The Art of Sabotage

After repossessing the great love of his life, Darius feels almost human again.  Ciara's parents get suspicious and start asking too many questions. Darius decides he needs to ingratiate himself with the parents while sabotaging Ciara's life in order to possess her body and soul.

On top of his woman troubles, he has to deal with a nagging and self-willed vampiress, his pesky monk neighbor and future in-laws showing up behind every influential door in Newport Rhode Island.

     He's down to his last nerve, and that's never good for anyone.


Darius - A Vampire Story

A blue-blooded elitist family with two beautiful daughters as well as a quiet group of monks live in harmony in an upscale neighborhood in Newport, Rhode Island -- until Darius, the vampire mortician, enters the scene and turns their lives, including his own, upside down. And this is before the NY Mob sends an investigator looking for the don's daughter who was last seen with Darius.

Through a series of mishaps, secret burials, vampiress creations, and murder, Darius manages to fall in love and keep a low profile in a neighborhood that scoffs at the mere thought of vampires.

★★★★★ A Contemporary Vampire Story ★★★★★


Repossession of Ciara

What happens when a funeral-home-owning vampire falls in love with the daughter of a Newport Rhode Island wealthy family who disapprove of him? Through unfortunate circumstances, Ciara winds up separated from Darius but he is determined to repossess her at any cost.
Unfortunately, two mobsters show up looking for Big Sal Luciano's daughter who was
last seen with Darius and who has been identified as the daughter's 'boyfriend'. Unfortunately, the mobsters get on Darius' nerves and that's never a good thing. Now Darius has to figure out how to take possession of Ciara again and contend with another set of mobsters.


Groomed for Marriage

Colleen is married to handsome and successful Jacob Kessler. Things are wonderful for about nine months and she detects changes in her husband, most of which her mom explains away as her husband's work ambitions, but are they? Colleen walks on eggshells as Jacob's moods and demeanor change very subtly day by day. Are her marital expectations too high or is there something else going on?

Ryan Mallardi is a young private investigator trying to get his relationship with Angelica on track for marriage, but things keep going awry. Unexpected truths seep out during his counseling with Fr. Liam, but will Ryan be able to salvage things? Or will the truth finally lead only to a break-up?

The Hand of Fate sets up a quest for true love but will require all to all to face their own truth.