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Second: birth
Third: miasma
Fourth: reading
Fifth: writing
Sixth: publishing
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Science Fiction

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Oasis Free Preview Version

Some promises must be broken . . .


She’s the last scribe on earth. Devoted to her work . . . and to the ancient promise that binds her to her future husband.


He’s a charismatic stage actor. A robot bound by the strict rules that his craft demands . . . until he meets the scribe. Their desire ignites a fiery passion that burns through every promise, every obligation.


But when a theatergoer is murdered and a robot is accused of the crime, the hard-won rights of robots everywhere are suddenly on the line.

This isn’t a play anymore. This is life.


Robot Academy Free Preview Version

Brought together . . . and torn apart


Cynical, bitter Jack Ryerson, thirty-one years old, has lost yet another bet. This one’s landed him at Robot Academy, whose mission is to bridge the human-robot divide.


Naïve, idealistic Syd Birkett is the roommate Jack never wanted. And the two soon find themselves caught up in an explosive conflict, as anti-robot propaganda spreads through the school.


As tensions rise, Jack and Syd reach a stark realization. This isn’t school anymore. This is a fight for survival. A fight neither can afford to lose.


Origin Phase Free Preview Version

Is it ever too late?


Amnesiac time travel pioneer Eli Ryerson is slowly regaining his memory. Just in time to dodge the government agents who are after his secrets.


On the run, Eli’s now caught between his pursuers and a group of renegades determined to change the course of history.


But Eli knows that the past can’t be changed . . . even if the future depends on it.