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R.V. Johnson is the author of the thrilling epic fantasy series, The Flow Of Power. Growing up in Utah, he wandered through beautiful tranquil forests, explored the unique alien-like setting of the red rock desert, and climbed the rugged trails of the high Uinta Mountains where mountain goats roam. Indoors, he read from his large library or wrote in his journal.

One can now find him writing and reading outside.


Science Fiction

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Beyond The Dark Gate

The Flow of Power Shifts.

Faced with a difficult choice, Crystalyn's madness looms at the edge of her broken mind. Jade’s aura-reading ability develops, evolving beyond wholesome. Garn’s enslavement ends, something far worse taking its place.
Determined to destroy the foundation of power on Astura, the hooded man’s intrigues wreak havoc on the land. A brilliant Dark robe executes a bold plan that, if successful, will unleash a great malevolence. Enduring in the shadows for millennia, a new influence emerges. Gaining strength from others, its alien cunning has subjugated entire worlds with none the wiser.

With peril lurking everywhere, Crystalyn’s great and brittle strength becomes ever more imperative to her friends’ and families’ welfare…but only if she can hold up.