Rai Aren is the co-author of the award winning, bestselling archaeology adventure novel, Secret of the Sands, and its sequel, Destiny of the Sands. She is also the author of the final installment of The Secret of the Sands Trilogy, Revelation of the Sands. Lost City of Gold was her first solo effort. She looks forward to penning more stories for her Ancient Quest Mystery series. There are a lot more fun & exciting adventures to come!

Rai has a life-long interest in archaeology and adventure stories and movies. She can usually be found cuddling with her rescue kitties, hanging out with her family, binging on her fave sci-fi & mystery shows, and reading and writing mystery and adventure stories.



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Secrets Begin, a prequel story to The Secret of the Sands Trilogy

The Secret of the Sands Trilogy is an epic archaeology adventure that journeys through some of the most magnificent ancient places on earth. From the Great Sphinx to the Great Pyramid to Petra, the story weaves between the distant past and modern day, to uncover incredible secrets and fascinating mysteries about a long lost civilization. As seen through the surprising discoveries of two young archaeologists, it’s an adventure tale in the spirit of Indiana Jones & The Mummy.

Now read about the events that triggered this awe-inspiring, but very dangerous journey speeding towards an unforgettable revelation. This is where the secrets begin...

This 7500-word short story is a teaser introduction to The Secret of the Sands Trilogy.


Lost City of Gold (an archaeology adventure novella) A dangerous adventure beckons deep in the Amazon jungle...

A dangerous adventure beckons deep in the Amazon jungle…

Reckless treasure-hunter Rick Braeden sets out into the uncharted reaches of the Amazon jungle in a dangerous search of the fabled Lost City of Gold. It’s a quest for an ancient city shrouded in mystery that he believes will place him in the history books and bring him all of the riches and redemption that have eluded him. He also hopes to succeed where more than one hundred others, who were either lost or died in the attempt, have failed. As he embarks on his journey something or someone deep in the jungle waits and watches…