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Rex is English, but was born in Java, Indonesia and has spent many years in the Far East. He speaks Indonesian and Malay, with a smattering of other languages.
He has had an interesting life - as a youngster worked his passage on a container ship to Australia where he worked as a cowboy, gold-miner, door-to-door salesman and fruit-picker, before switching from Zoology to the Army to study at Sandhurst.
He saw active service in Northern Ireland and was Logistics Officer for Operation Drake in Indonesia. A country manager for an international tobacco trader at 25, he spent two years during the Cold War with MI6 before returning to the UK where he and his wife raised his two sons while working in marketing and publishing, with forays into NLP and personal development. Now they are adult, he and his wife have moved back to the Far East where he lives in Bali, travels, writes and researches.
He has always had a passion for writing and this was rekindled by telling stories he made up on the spot to his sons.
His hobbies are angling, orchids, reading and reptiles; he represents Bali Reptile Rescue in Ubud, removing snakes from houses free of charge.
His wide experience and knowledge are interwoven into the tapestry of his writing.
If you have any questions for Rex, please feel free to use his Facebook Author page.


Historical Fiction
Historical Romance
Humor & Entertainment

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Feeding the Dragon

The monks are out again, searching the countryside for food for the Dragon. Children.
One young girl wants to find out more.
This short story explores the youth of one of the main characters in the Harrhein series. Although the series is set in a country in Europe perhaps 500 years ago, a mixture of England, Holland, Germany and France, this story is from a world away, in a province of China.
The series was intended to explore the early years of empire, but has taken on a life of its own...



Thief in the Night

Andy is a good soldier, a Pathfinder. But he is recovering from taking a spear through the thigh, so he is sorting the Border Baron's armoury. Closing up one night, with security tightened for the King's visit, he realises he isn't alone.
There is something else in the armoury, and it isn't human.
A prequel short story to the Harrhein series, exploring the early life of the Princess.
Set in a Europe 500 years ago, one of the northern countries.


Mistress of the King

A chance meeting with the queen changes a tailor's daughter's life, giving her aspirations. She soars high, running into a furnace of obstacles from predatory princes to scheming church supporters and seductive Countesses. Even magic is used to seduce her.
From a furnace, steel emerges, and she is forged into a powerful weapon for the state by the enmity surrounding her.
A joyous romp through 15th century Europe with political intrigue and attention to historical detail. Early actors, characters who may just be based on historical figures. Schemes, business and bedroom antics.
Although this story starts with children, they grow up. This is no Young Adult story, but a full blooded, gritty book with death, torture, revenge and rape. But at the same time love, friendship and romance.