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I've always enjoyed writing ever since a young age. I never thought of selling my work when I was younger due to the fear that no one would like it but now that I'm much older it's time to let everyone see what I can do. My main genre is horror but I'm also working on some thrillers and fantasy and even kids books.
My first book Newton Town A Series of Dark Tales contains all six of my novellas but each story can be purchased individually. The series takes place in modern day and goes back to the 1800's, each story is connected in some way. The sister that appears in Room 242 is mentioned in The Engagement as she couldn't make it to the party that night and she also appears in Deep Web which is the third story. The first three stories take place roughly the same time as events unfold alongside each other.
My new series From the Shadows is about cults, demons and demonic possession, love, lust and sacrifice. The Rotten Oak is the first story in the series and is about demonic possession, it's set in the 1800's and follows five friends.



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Adam and Jennifer

This is just a snip of my upcoming novel Adam and Jennifer which i hope to have finished and edited by the summer.


Hone, I'm Home

This is an unfinished short story that just needs a few adjustments but overall it's finished. This will be part of a short story collection i'm working on and it will also be free on my website soon along with a few others.


Heather's Scar

This is story 4 in my Newton Town series, it's a hard-hitting and brutal tale of revenge.