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Richard White, is an author, writer, bull rider, bronc rider, guitar player, poet, and country boy. Besides writing, he also loves to hunt and fish. He grew up in a little town called Danby, VT. At 22 years old, he became a full time Professional Bull rider, and amateur Bareback Bronc rider. After retiring from the rodeo in 2008, he began writing, and self-publishing his work. Since 2010 he has published poetry, rodeo stories, western shorts, and made Amazons top ten bestselling list in Sports and Rodeo category, as well as top ten on Anxiety and Phobias with his newest title What Happened To Me. Richard loves writing, and designs his own book covers, and loves sharing his work with people that enjoy a good story.


Other (Nonfiction)

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Rodeo Dayz

A book of short stories about 9 rodeo contestants and their love for rodeo.
This book also has a short history of Rodeo in New York, which is co-authored by Donnie Baxter, Wayne and Leo Martin. Author biographies are also inside to learn about each contestant.

This collaboration of short stories tells the story of nine rodeo contestants, and their dream of chasing a championship belt buckle. Through stories of heroic rides to spills, thrills,and injuries, Rodeo Dayz will keep you on the edge of your seat to the very end. So hang on tight, and get a good seat for the 8 second ride of a lifetime. You surely will feel, as if you were strapped to a 1500 lb. bull,or running barrels for a fast 12 second run.