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Robert Goluba is an author of inspirational Christian Fiction. He lives in Gilbert, Arizona with his wonderful wife, two kids and two canine companions. He loves Jesus, his family, hiking, and football. Robert writes a variety of topics including inspirational Christian fiction with a moral of the story, Bible parables retold as modern parables, inspirational sci-fi/fantasy stories, and Christian short stories.

Robert was born and raised in Central Illinois, where he attended college, served in the Army National Guard, and met his wife. At age thirty, after a self-diagnosed allergy to snow, he moved to sunny Arizona. He holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an MBA and has worked in consumer marketing for over twenty years.


Science Fiction

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Beyond Beautiful: A Redemptive Romance Story

Beyond Beautiful imagines a world where no one is judged based on appearance. See this world through the eyes of Dave Tisdale, a handsome high school PE teacher that is hurting everyone around him with his constant judgment of their appearance. Everyone is frustrated with Dave’s antics, especially his wife Megan.

One day everything changes and Dave's world is turned upside down. He’s labeled and judged others for as long as he can remember and now that’s not an option. Is this new normal enough to change someone as convicted and stubborn as Dave?

This short story zooms into the lives of Dave and Megan Tisdale as they cope with this dramatic event and Dave's fight to redeem himself and his marriage. It's not a traditional romance story, but a relationship story with a twist.


Judgment Day: A Short Story

In this 3,500 word excerpt from Judgment Day, John is the newly elected campaign manager for his party. He is running a clean, flawless campaign until career politician Brian jumps into the race and starts slinging mud at all the candidates. An ally uncovers some dirt on Brian that could change the outcome of the primary. Will John choose to win at any cost or take the high road and risk defeat? Judgment Day is a suspenseful and inspirational story based on a Bible parable that has been retold as a modern short story.

Judgment Day is part of the Hope Refreshed Modern Parables Collection of short stories.