Born in Australia, Robert was whisked back to England where he spent his childhood. After many years complaining about the weather, he did the only sensible thing, and moved back to Australia. Queensland actually. Where he enjoys walks along the beach with his wonderful family.

(Pssst. He still complains about the weather if it gets too cold!)

He’s studied chemistry; worked in the music industry; sold handbags; taught yoga; raced motorcycles; and trained thousands of people in Presentations Skills, Train-the-Trainer, Negotiation Skills … and more.

Mostly though he loves to read.

And read and read. His father was a science-fiction fan, so Robert grew up on a voracious diet of all the top-notch sci-fi writers (there’s a list on his website!), eventually discovering he had read the entire science-fiction section of his local library. But nowadays he writes books and runs websites. Which is fun, and nothing like work at all.


Science Fiction

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An Altercation on Rykkamon

Indy Jackson desperately needs a new, faster spaceship, or her galactic smuggling deals will never hit the bigtime.

The contract she is about to wrangle on Rykkamon will be her biggest yet, and should make her enough credits to get her the ship of her dreams.

But when her brother returns to her little courier vessel clutching a bundle of rags, and the Rykkamon Customs Agents start banging on her hull, Indy’s dreams are about to become one big nightmare.

Will Indy ever get to complete her negotiations, or will her brother’s actions lead them both to jail?



A Bar Room Brawl on Ganymede

A gambling debt gone wrong, and a pirate captain on the trail of her father's killer.

Desperate to close a black-market helium three deal, India "Indy" Jackson arrives on Ganymede already in dispute with the Jovian Mafia.

She needs money to track down who killed her father, but her ship's pilot suddenly disappears, and Indy is left to her own devices to deal with her shady contact.

Everything comes to a head in one of Ganymede's sleaziest districts, and she is faced with a choice: find her pilot and close the deal, or cut her losses and flee to safety.

Indy never was one to run away.

Discover one of Indy Jackson's early escapades on her journey to Galactic infamy!