Ron Bender is the author of the New White Sands City Cyberpunk series. Ron has been an international business consultant, business process trouble-shooter, and marketing specialist. Besides consulting for the Canadian government and the private sector, he’s had thirty-seven years of RPG storytelling experience. He enjoys watching formula one racing, tracking a wide array of burgeoning trends and technologies, and researching obscure time periods. For more information about the series and to sign up for his mailing list visit


Science Fiction

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Snitch: a New White Sands City Cyberpunk novella

SNITCH: He’s got wits and attitude, but even a clever rat can get caught.
Forces are moving in the high-tech rat race of New White Sands City and one low-level transporter has an opportunity to make it big -- if he can survive the dangerous backwaters of corporate espionage.
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**This novella is a prequel to the New White Sands City Cyberpunk series. It is not required reading and can be enjoyed as a standalone novel, but it will offer clues and hints about the greater story arc for those who enjoy connecting the dots.