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Ronnell “Chewy” Coombs is from Bed Stuy. He hit the ave young, thus he hit the pen young. On his second go around in the pen, he grabbed a slew of degrees and certifications. He trained an exec crew, which include 40, Rich Fever and Chris Manny. He touched down and became a marketing consultant, he became a senior correspondent/COO at, and then formed The Fever with Chris Manny. The Fever released "The Female Baller's Handbook", "10 Reasons to Leave That God Damn Fool", "Exchange of Power", "The Economy is Messed Up; This is the Shit That You Need to Know", and sold thousands of units independent. He lectured the kids at the schools in his hood and fed the homeless in his hood, and in mother Africa through his relationships with UN ambassadors.

Beside writing guides for women, another one of Chewy's passions is feeding the homeless. He is an active contributor with the "Be A Hero for the Homeless" organization, along side the author/motivational speaker/poet, Kaswania Powell, to give heroes to homeless people on every first and last Friday of every month. He is a stronger believer that "No one in New York State should go to bed hungry." He doesn't only lip service about helping the homeless. He gets involve hands on with feeding the homeless.

Now The Fever released "The Female Baller's Handbook: 10th Anniversary Edition" to provide Female Ballers with the playbook to win the game.



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